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Welcome, my friends. I have an invitation for you, one that will take you on a journey beyond your wildest imagination. The event is called Wizard-Sesh, hosted by none other than Brandon the Wizard. Prepare to be enchanted by a visionary art show, featuring live acrylic painters and showcasing the work of local artists and mom-and-pop businesses such as crystal and jewelry vendors, enamel pin makers, and hat pin vendors. But that is not all. The night will be filled with the sound of music from multiple genres, highlighting underground artists who are making waves in the community. Our goal is to bring together collectors and art enthusiasts who enjoy elements of the underground counterculture. Join us on April 15th, from 8pm to 2:00am, at the Fire Water Bar in Ontario. Please note that this event is strictly for those aged 21 and over, and you must have a valid ID to enter.

This event is also a pin trade! If you’re a collector and you’re interested in trading some of your personal pins, crystals and wire wraps, we will have a wizard trade booth, where we will also be raffling off visionary art prints.

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