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B-the wizard comics NFT project. ( Tezos  )

B the wizard comic book project is an imaginative superhero universe created by Brandon Bailey. Brandon has been creating visionary and digital art for over ten years. Brandon has also been creating music and producing beats for local musicians for the same amount of time. This project is a combination of music, comics, and visionary art concepts. All the ideas / visions that have been gathered through Brandon’s lifetime will be expressed through stories and music in a new innovative direction. With the emergence of NFT’s and block chain technology fans will have the opportunity to invest and participate directly with the creator.

Current comic book tittles being written.

Wizard head

Code name BOB

Road map

Monthly NFT sets by Brandon the wizard. Including mintable comic pages.

Nft’s will be dropped in sets of 8 and 10 and exclusive rare Nft’s will be dropped at random


1.drop the first set of pop art nft’s (continue every 2 - 3 month with new themes)

2. announce comic book release dates

3.release comic book plots and character Bios

3. make pages mintable on kalamint (repeat process every 2 to 3 months)

4. 2222 profile pic Nfts mint date TBA


All nft holders will have assess to coupons and discounts on the b-the wizard web store. Exclusive air drops will be distributed to holders at random every month.

This project is not limited to digital assets and Nfts, there will be physical copies of comic books, stickers, and other merchandise. When issue one is ready there will also be a go found me campaign launch to raise money for books/poster prints.


wizard head 1.jpg
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